“The Uninhabitable Earth” is a New York magazine article by American journalist David Wallace-Wells published on July 9, 2017. The long-form article depicts a worst-case scenario of what might/can/will happen in the near-future due to climate change. READ IT.


One of the biggest obstacle to save the world is that we humans are the only creatures that are truly aware of our own mortality. And the concept of time. Therefore unable to make the necessary changes. Somewhere deep inside us we all know that we don’t have to face the consequences of our actions and the pollution we cause..


Miami Beach to cut back on famous palm trees over climate concerns

As a poster child for the climate emergency, Miami Beach has become a world leader in mitigating the effects of sea-level rise. Now the subtropical Florida city is cutting back on its famous swaying palm trees as it seeks shadier alternatives to preserve its environment and try to keep residents and visitors cool. Powered by …

This EPA mapping tool could reshape environmental justice

EJSCREEN, a wonky, mostly unknown EPA mapping tool, has drawn the attention of the Biden administration, which has promised to bolster its data in a way that could help environmental lawyers and community activists build stronger cases against oil and gas infrastructure, power plants, and other industrial facilities in minority and low-income neighborhoods. Powered by …


It is all up to us to become leaders in the fight against climate change. Join a growing movement of people around the world who are working to keep their local communities safe from climate impacts.


“After all, it is not up to one man to shape the world we live in – it is up to all of us.” – Sir Richard Branson